Chief Data Officer


Tyler Fritz is our genie in a bottle.

He takes requests for enhanced new features and reports within our ERP and CRM systems for our clients; he makes the magic happen. So far, he has made 651 wishes come true.

He performs magic when it comes to working with and organizing data.

After attending the health administration program at Florida Atlantic University, Tyler began his professional career as a pharmacy operations officer for a Deerfield Beach pharmacy. Within the first 18 months, and due to his natural acumen for computer skills, he was snatched up by a healthcare startup, which at the time was one of few online pharmaceutical delivery companies that could save patients an average of 50% on their medications.

Tyler joined Elevant Solutions, where he helped create the C.A.R.E. suite of software systems that has revolutionized the legaltech and legal outsourcing industry. And where he continues to make improvements every day.

There are now 41 wishes on the wish list to be granted.

Tyler lives in Parkland, Florida, with his rescue dog Bernie, part Australian Cattle Dog part Chupacabra because he will attack anyone except Tyler, his girlfriend and his brother.