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July 23, 2018
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5 Ways a Law Firm Can Evolve With Legal Tech

Many of us can’t remember what it was like before the Internet. When meetings had to be held in the same room, and memos were carbon copied until something magical called the Xerox came along.

If technological advances have changed the way we do business, they have totally redefined the way we practice law. From the evolution of the stenotype machine through Court TV and on to video depositions and eDiscovery, law tech has come a long way.

Most recently, process integration and enterprise architecture has helped law firms run their administrative tasks more smoothly and perform better than ever, allowing attorneys and their staff to spend less time on case management and more time on litigation and negotiations.

Automation has simplified and streamlined operational and communication tasks, removing delays and bottlenecks that slow you down. Everyone can stay organized and up-to-date on real time efficiencies, which leads to more profitability. By harnessing the power of technology, law firms can grow without growing costs.

The Internet, cloud-based encryption and various software and applications are breaking down barriers in communication, operations, management, quality control, customer service, intake and outsourcing. Today, law firms can stay focused on their core mission and goals by minimizing the disruption of the day-to-day operational procedures.

How can Elevant Solutions help you evolve your firm?

1. By fostering more communication and teamwork

Communication between employees and management, between teams and decision makers, between New York and London and Brazil should and can be instantaneous across all platforms. However you choose to do it – via emails, or text or chat or video conference calls – your people can communicate no matter where they are, in the office or the field. They have access to the real-time information they need, as well as customized reports for every department and/or function, to be on the same page. This leads to deliberate collaboration and productivity. Better communication within your teams will keep you informed and allows you to keep your clients updated on the progress of their cases.

2. By increasing organization and workflow

C.A.R.E. software allows you to trace your processes and helps you keep your tasks organized and your cases on track. Every step of a case is integrated, from intake to the signing of the retainer to medical records retrieval and review to trial preparation or settlement signing, all along a pre-delineated path with quality assurance reviews to ensure your case is qualified. Everyone in your team will know who is responsible for what and some processes will be automated. Our innovative software can be customized to improve your workflow and allow you to increase your caseload. Tracking tools will give you the resources to stay on top of every phase of your cases, manage plaintiff settlements, legal funding and provide signal alerts when something needs your attention.

3. By keeping costs down

Justice is the daily goal, but increased profitability is the ultimate long term goal of most law firms. Elevant Solutions’ licensed software tools allow you to do more with less, becoming more cost effective as tasks are integrated and automated and your processes are further streamlined. You are always going to need people, but by automating some tasks, those live bodies can be focused on different parts of the practice. Automated processes also often give more accurate results, leading to fewer distractions, further saving you time and money, as well as referrals.

4. By keeping your data safe

Like other businesses, law firms used to keep important documents in a combination safe. Or a safety deposit box at the bank. And in the early days of computerization, hackers could almost easily steal critical and proprietary information. But today, there is software-based data encryption so that only authorized parties have access to your business information. Our cyber security software is safe enough from malicious hacking attempts to be used to store and review medical records, which are federally protected. We only use the most innovative technology, software and algorithms to ensure that sensitive information is accessible only to the people indicated.

5. By giving you flexibility

Technological advances are being made every day and it is now possible to customize any software systems to meet the variable and changing needs of any business or law firm. At Elevant Solutions, we know that customized systems and process maps can always get better. Efficiencies can always be improved. We are constantly in the process of improving our processes. Our evolution never stops, ensuring that yours doesn’t either.