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What People Are Saying

Here are some comments that people are making about Elevant Solutions.


Stephanie Velez, Director of Record Retrieval Services

Smart Record Solutions LLC

My team and I are responsible for over 1,000,000 records. Without the C.A.R.E software, it would be impossible. But because of the C.A.R.E platform we order thousands of records every day with the click of one button. Just amazing!

Heidi Laub, Firm Administrator

Bernstein, DeCailly & Marshall, PLLC

Here at Bernstein, DeCailly & Marshall, PLLC we are all about the process. Elevant Solutions LLC helped us identify our needs and inefficiencies and designed the C.A.R.E. software platform that we now use for case management, and by extension, help plaintiffs maximize the compensation they are due because of the injuries they have suffered.

Zach Fritz, Chief Operating Officer

Smart Legal Solutions LLC

Elevant Solutions LLC helped us get on top of our game. We thought we knew everything until we invited the Elevant team to evaluate our medical records review process and build a platform for us. Since installing it in January of 2018, our productivity has soared, our costs have dropped, and processing time has been dramatically reduced. Without our platform from Elevant Solutions LLC it would be impossible to achieve the growth we are experiencing in sales and earnings.

Paul DeCailly, Esq., Member

Bernstein, DeCailly & Marshall, PLLC

My partners and I are well aware of the critical role and importance of an all-encompassing, easy to use, cost effective, cloud-based software platform for operating in today's legal sector. We have extensively researched the cutting edge software options available so that we can manage thousands of mass tort and personal injury cases. Hands down, the Elevant Solutions platform and technology is top of its class. The on-boarding and launch time was incredibly short and training was easy. Thanks to Elevant Solutions we are fully equipped to build our firm into the future.

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