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Part One: What is ERP software and how can it help your business?
September 26, 2018

The rapid growth in the legal industry has created bounty of scopes for the entrepreneurs and law professionals to work. With new entrants to the market, it is compulsory to know about the regulatory changes and the varied client needs if you want to keep the firm growing.

The corporate legal departments and the assisting law firms needs to work on a wide selection of contracts including trusts and estates, corporate & securities, employment law, property law, and draft complaints. These services will also help to keep an inclusive database of the contracts and hence keep an overview of the contract information, legal contract abstraction, history of notices, and terms’ summary.

Options for law practice technology have proliferated and so has the cloud-based options. The present-day state of law firm technology is robust and the sheer magnitude of choice is probably overwhelming when you think of law firm software.

  • Productivity: If there is one thing lawyers universally understand, it’s the need for productivity that includes drafting, emailing, creating presentations, building spreadsheets and databases. You will receive all sorts of paper documents, PDF and more that will need immediate implementation of the same for various purposes.
  • Document management: Although most document automation tools feature some level of document management control, there are many more robust versions of those features, when you have the tools. Integration with existing folder systems (such as Google Drive), integration with existing related software, labeling/tagging the required documents are some of the many works needed.
  • Time and billing/accounting: every accounting program has time and billing features, and the solo and small law firms should have this software to help them. Get a convenient time-capture method, get the invoice construction feature, and also provide robust reporting tools. Having the ability to track time, determine billings for individual attorneys, manage collection status, and more helps to save time and improve accuracy.

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