What is Enterprise Resource Planning?
July 23, 2018

Three ERP Trends in 2018

Because there is no avoiding technology in the workplace, companies all over the nation have began embracing technological solutions. As businesses ponder new ways to house and manage data, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is offering up answers. Here are three ERP trends that are making waves in 2018.

Customer First

A new demand has developed in the technology space. With ERP software allowing organizations to better understand their processes and streamline workflows, users are turning to the efficiency of the technology’s customer management features. In the upcoming year, a growing trend to look out for is better Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality within ERP platforms or tighter integration with leading stand alone CRM solutions. Elevant Solutions’ ERP platforms include robust CRM features such as lead management, sales funnel tracking, opportunity conversion, and campaign management. However, if your company already uses a CRM platform, the Elevant Solutions team can integrate via API to any commercially available CRM platform such as Salesforce.com or ZoHo.

Advanced Data Management

ERP software is taking aim at data management. A lot of organizations have been fleeing from the likes of Excel and Google Spreadsheets for a more customizable management tool. As businesses turn toward cloud-based solutions more money will be allocated to the digitalization of organizational processes with easier implementation and flexibility. Elevant Solutions uses Amazon S3 encrypted servers to securely manage millions of records. Whereas some ERP platform charge steep data storage and management fees, Elevant Solutions integrates such costs into highly competitive overall pricing. With a focus on supporting law firms and litigation finance firms, Elevant Solutions understands the critical and sensitive nature of managing complex databases, data sets and customer records with a focus on helping clients become paperless.


With the recent announcement warning about the security vulnerabilities of ERP, hackers are targeting these business data software systems. ERP software is under attack, which means so is your data. Elevant Solutions uses server-side 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), one of the strongest block ciphers available to protect customer data. Although, this hacking trend is likely to continue without a foreseeable end, rest assured that the Elevant Solutions team is focused on the latest developments, technology and vulnerabilities.

These aren’t the only trends we foresee will take the software industry by storm. Amongst some other trends are the growing role of machine learning and artificial intelligence, mobile access and globalized manufacturing. To read more about ERP software and stay up to date with industry news, follow our blog. If you would like to learn more about how ERP software can help your business, contact our experts today.