Unique Capabilities

Manage work and data like you’ve never done before.

Unique Capabilities

Manage work and data like you’ve never done before.

Finally a Solution That Works!

A geeky-fast, custom-built cloud data management system made for your business. Our technology solutions are made-to-order to fit your unique business needs from managing clients matters to settlement or litigation support and everything in-between.

Manage Your Caseload and Maximize Your Results

With our customized, cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, we help attorneys like you manage your workflows from intake to settlement or verdict by leveraging big data and artificial intelligence to stay on top of their game and ahead of the competition.


Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Law and Litigation Finance Firms


Features and Functionality

Zach Fritz, Chief Operating Officer

Smart Legal Solutions LLC

Elevant Solutions LLC helped us get on top of our game. We thought we knew everything until we invited the Elevant team to evaluate our medical records review process and build a platform for us. Since installing it in January of 2018, our productivity has soared, our costs have dropped, and processing time has been dramatically reduced. Without our platform from Elevant Solutions LLC it would be impossible to achieve the growth we are experiencing in sales and earnings.

Ready to get started?

Get Started - Six Easy Steps

  • Initial Consultation

    Explore and identify all existing processes.
  • Creating a Blueprint

    Step-by-step documentation of each existing process.
  • Installation

    Cloud-based app allows turnkey deployment decreasing cost.
  • Staff Training

    Provided in group and individual sessions as needed.
  • Ongoing Support

    Ongoing technical support from our client services and IT team’s.
  • Maintenance

    Regular updates and maintenance are included monthly

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