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July 23, 2018
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July 23, 2018

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is integrated business data management software that allows organizations to manage, record and improve their processes. However, it isn’t simply a business management tool. It is the transformational business software that everyone is talking about.

Using artificial intelligence solutions, ERP combines reporting and automation so that businesses have a single space to share, manipulate and track data. Think what used to be done with multiple excel sheets. So, what is stopping someone from just using Excel or Google Spreadsheet? As your business scales, the amount of data in and across departments grows. ERP software is a simple solution to the confusion and disorganization that comes along with using numerous databases and spreadsheets in one organization. ERP software integrates marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, production, inventory/distribution, human resources and more so that your business can organize its workflow intelligently.

Automating your core business processes has never been easier than with the right ERP software. Modern ERP software allows you to customize your dashboard and gives you the flexibility to use only what is necessary. For instance, at Elevant Solutions we sit down with you to discover what your business objectives are before our team of software experts begin configuring a completely personalized dashboard. Whether you want an overview of your business’ finances or employee payroll, to automate daily tasks and processes amongst your team, manage your resources in real-time or more, Elevant Solutions will build the perfect ERP software to meet your business needs.

At Elevant Solutions, we have seen too many businesses let things slip through the cracks. Another benefit of ERP software is that it allows you to automate your workflow, maintain your data securely, set reminders, keep you up to date on the latest industry compliance changes and, overall, increase your teams’ productivity.

The best news is you can engineer your perfect work desk and track those changes across various platforms - mobile and otherwise. With an ERP, understanding your process has never been more transparent. There is really no problem an advanced ERP system can’t solve. If you would like to learn more, contact our experts today. Learn more about the benefits of ERP software and why your business should have it.